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Oxford Floral Loves Mom

Mother’s Day is on its way and do you know what you’re getting for your special mom? If not, we have a few ideas here at Oxford Floral for you to choose from! We believe in giving Mom something she wouldn’t get for herself, a treat for her to enjoy after spending her days making sure the rest of the family is happy. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

A piece of jewelry for her to wear daily…

Or a gorgeously-crafted jewelry box to hold her other trinkets…

What about lounge wear for her to relax in after a long day? We also have a large selection of pampering products that would be a wonderful addition to this gift.

Or something to brighten the home, and brighten the mood? Don’t forget about all our pottery that Mom loves to display as well!

And what female doesn’t love a new bag?

Don’t forget we can deliver a beautiful arrangement or spring plant to Mom, as our design room is being filled with fresh flowers and plants every day! Give us a ring or stop by Oxford Floral to let us know how we can help you today!


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